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Erhalten Sie bis zu CHF 550 für Ihr Altgerät beim Kauf eines Surface Book

Home Features Downloads. Here you can download the software as well as the complete source code or any documentation. Make sure that you installed at least ... Downloads | jaz#blog06.11.2016 11:32:22
Here are projects which can be downloaded and used without charge. The dataMagus project. dataMagus is a software to learn database modelling. The main ... Projects | jaz#blog06.11.2016 11:32:22
Home Features Downloads. MCT is a Configuration Tool for MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher) written in PHP/MFC/C++ by me and another student. What is MCT? MCT | jaz#blog - Virtual Flat06.11.2016 11:32:22
Welcome to the virtual flat. Choose the room you want to visit... Virtual Flat06.11.2016 11:32:22

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